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Join us at The Comic Stop in Watertown this Friday night,
March 29th for one of our most requested formats--a Modern
Team Event--typically called Two-Headed Giant!

 In this Bring Your Own Deck tournament you will sign up with a
friend or be paired up--the choice is yours. This event makes it
easy to use your current deck or construct one because we will be
using the Modern format. Modern play allows deck construction from current sets all the way back to 8th Edition. There are certain
cards that are banned in Modern decks. We will include abanned
card list at the end of this email. All the regular rules of Magic
apply,(minimum 60 card deck, no more than 4 of one card).
Sideboards are welcome since matches will be best of 2 out of 3.
We will be following Two Headed Giant rules for this tournament.
For example--each Team has a shared life total that starts at 30. The tournament takes place from 6:30--10pm. Admission is $10 per
player--pizza & a drink are included. Multiple prizes awarded to top
finishers! Please email us at: or call (617)
926-3430 to reserve your spot. We look forward to seeing you this
Friday for our Two-Headed Giant event! The following cards are banned in Modern: Ancient Den Birthing Pod Blazing Shoal Chrome Mox Cloudpost Dark Depths Deathrite Shaman Dig Through Time Dread Return Eye of Ugin Gitaxian Probe Glimpse of Nature Golgari Grave-Troll Great Furnace Green Suns Zenith Hypergenesis
Krark-Clan Ironworks
Mental Misstep Ponder Preordain Punishing Fire Rite of Flame Seat of the Synod Second Sunrise Seething Song Senseis Divining Top Skullclamp Splinter Twin Stoneforge Mystic Summer Bloom Treasure Cruise Tree of Tales Umezawas Jitte Vault of Whispers





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