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Our next Magic the Gathering event is this Friday, November
16th! The Comic Stop will be hosting a Single Player (Modern
Format) Bring Your Own Deck tournament. The Modern format
allows deck construction from current sets all the way back to
8th Edition. There are certain cards that are banned in this
format--we will include a list of all valid sets plus a banned list
at the end of this email. All the regular rules of Magic apply, (minimum 60 card deck, no
more than 4 of onecard, 15 card sideboard allowed). The tournament takes place from 6:30pm-10pm. Admission is
$10 per player--pizza is included. Prizes awarded to top finishers! Please email us at: or call (617) 926-3430
 to reserve your spot! We look forward to seeing you at THE COMIC STOP soon! Yours truly, David The following card sets are permitted in Modern tournaments:

These cards are banned in Modern tournaments:






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