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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we will not be hosting
events for the foreseeable future. Please check back here for

Many warm greetings to all our customers & friends! We hope everyone is
holding up & staying healthy. The Covid-19 virus has altered our lives in
many ways. Will I be able to work? Will my child be able to attend school
& daycare? Will I find a large enough toilet paper pallet to last me through
this pandemic? (-:

These are just some of the frustrations we've all been dealing with since
 mid-March. For our Magic customers at The Comic Stop there have been
manageable inconveniences. New sets were delayed by Wizards of the
Coast. We will not be seeing normal Friday tournament play for some

The Comic Stop has been hosting these Friday night events for over 20
years--I will miss seeing your smiling, competitive faces during the
Spring & Summer.

However "the games must go on" in some manner or form. The newest
Magic set--Ikoria:Lair of the Behemoths will release at The Comic Stop
on Friday, May 15th.

And we are still actively buying & trading your Magic collections--
please email to set up a drop-off time.

Thank you very much for your time--be safe & healthy. And we hope to
see you all soon.





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